Remote Monitoring

Working in conjunction with a CCTV monitoring station, your home or business can benefit from 24/7 surveillance by highly trained security experts, providing a much needed watchful eye at all times.
Traditional in-person guarding with night-watchmen and routine patrols are predictable and can easily be bypassed with the right planning. Remote monitoring is the perfect solution to offer 24/7 vigilance at a much more cost-effective pricepoint than physical guards.
Combined with our CCTV and integrated security systems, live feeds from our cameras will be sent to Redset’s monitoring control room where activity is picked up, meaning that rapid action can be taken by our security professionals in dealing with criminal activity.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Secure arrests: If a Redset camera detects criminal activity, our monitoring team will alert the police or a security patrol who can respond to the site and make an arrest.

Cost-effective: Rapid deployment CCTV cameras, even when backed by remote monitoring, are up to 86% cheaper than the cost of a man guard.

No compromise: Cheaper doesn't mean less effective. A monitored CCTV system is always alert, always on guard and can spot criminals even in total darkness.

Evidence and investigation: A professional CCTV operator can track every move a criminal makes, gathering critical evidence that will assist the police with criminal investigations.
Alarm monitoring allows potential threats to your sites to be spotted in real time and addressed.
If an intrusion is detected at your site, a remote CCTV operator can activate lights, sirens and voice.
Our partner monitoring station is an NSI Gold Approved UK-based Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). SIA licensed 24/7, 365 days a year.
Reporting and analysis: Our partner monitoring station will provide a detailed report of any incidents that take place at your locations and give information on what action was taken - including speed of response.

Fewer false alarms: Having your CCTV monitored by professionals means they can detect situations on site that may trigger false alarms, and they can also filter these out completely for you.

Convenience: Rather than worry about late-night call-outs, reviewing your sites over the weekends and holidays - why not leave it to the experts and have complete peace of mind that your sites are in the best hands.

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