Intruder Alarms

In today’s social climate, an intruder alarm system is essential for your home or business, to protect you and your property from criminal activities. An external, LED-lit bell box is the first step in deterring criminals from breaking and entering.
Our intruder alarm systems are both insurance approved and comply with the industry standards for remotely signalled systems. We carry out a free site survey of your home or business premises - boundary to boundary - for all our intruder alarm installations, after which, our technicians will design a tailored system at a cost to suit your budget. Intruder alarms are now an essential tool to deter would-be burglars and opportunists entering our properties. With sophisticated electronic surveillance being installed in business premises and homes, these systems can be tailored to suit everyone’s needs.

Total Protection

Our intruder alarms protect sites and buildings from intruders and unwanted visitors. Intruder alarms typically have sensors at entry points to buildings such as doors and windows.

● Enhanced security provides peace of mind
● Reduced insurance rates on some policies
● Smoother insurance claims and possession replacement

Our intruder alarms make sure business, commercial and residential premises are free from unauthorised access. Wherever your property may be, we have you covered.
Flexible control allowing you to alarm and lock your doors remotely with our smart security app.
Receive notifications on your mobile or tablet when an alarm is triggered, wherever you are in the world.
Cloud connectivity and remote access means troubleshooting can be carried out remotely.
Instantly assess a situation with live feeds to your home or business when an alarm is triggered.

Why do you need an intruder alarm?

Peace of mind
Ensure that your premises and assets are protected 24/7 with our industry standard intruder alarms. We can also provide professional alarm monitoring so that we're always on hand to respond quickly when an alarm is triggered on site.

Swift response
An alarm system can enable you to respond quickly to intruders. Choose professional monitoring for false alarm filtering and rapid police response.

Connected Systems
Our intruder alarm systems can be synchronised with other security systems like CCTV & video surveillance, to create one comprehensive security solution.


When you get a new alarm system installed, it can be easy to sit back, relax and think you’ve done everything you can to protect your property. But like any piece of complex and sophisticated electronics or machinery, it’s essential that you look after it properly if you want it to continue to be effective and reliable for years to come.

Redset Security provides expert and professional intruder alarm maintenance and servicing to check your system is functioning as it should be. We’ll also look for signs of developing issues that might cause a problem in the future.

Should your system develop a fault, our technicians can also carry out a wide range of intruder alarm repairs that will quickly have your system back up and running and protecting your property and premises in the way it should. 

Call Redset Security today to discover more about our intruder alarm maintenance, servicing and repairs services, or to arrange for one of our skilled engineers to visit your site and check that your protection is still fit for purpose.

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